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Female Doc w Female Patient

Build A Great Relationship With Your Doctor

*Content in this blog post is provided courtesy of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina An elderly patient became irate during a medical exam when he peeked at the doctor’s chart ...

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The Best Free Fitness Apps

One of the most challenging parts of meeting your fitness goals is tracking your progress and knowing how to plan an exercise routine that will help you meet those goals step-by-step. Utilizing health...

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5 Tips for Reaching Your Health & Fitness Goals

Reaching both short and long term health and fitness goals is easier with the right tools and support. Simplify living a healthy lifestyle with these tips! Meal plan & prep. Thinki...

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What is Preventive Care?

As the cost of Health Care continues to rise, one of the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act is to require all Major Medical plans to cover “Preventive Care” visits at no additiona...

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